Friday, September 5, 2014

Good Bye Facebook!

Yesterday I took the plunge. I suspended my facebook account. I was spending far to much time on fb. Its consuming my every waking moment. My breaks from other household duties would include logging onto facebook. I was wound tightly enough and then seeing something on fb would just push me a little more over the edge it wasn't pretty. At first I thought maybe I just remove some of the people from my friends list that I didn't regularly communicate with then I woke up yesterday morning and decided that FB was getting in the way of more important things. Primarily my relationship with God and also my relationship with Chris and my kiddos. I want to be present as a wife and a mother. Spending so much time on fb was making that very difficult. I decided it was time for a change. So I decided no more facebook right now. For now I will communicate via text, E-mail and phone calls... PHONE CALLS are actually the closet thing we get to a face to face meeting in todays society. Its pretty sad. I have also decided that I will make use of the beautiful camera that Chris got me for my 30th Birthday and take lots of pictures of the girls. High qaulity pictures which I will print out so we have them for years to come. I am working on becoming more intentional in my life. Actually thinking hard about how I spend my time. Time is precious. I figure even if I blog weekly that is progress. So right now I am seeing how this goes. Day 1 was actually pretty good. I spent time reading the bible. Cleaning the house. Talking to my mom on the phone and playing with the girls. Stay tuned for more posts and updates on everything going in the Moeck household :-)

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