Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Storms of Life

We were both blessed and surprised to find out on September 11th that we would be expecting another baby Memorial day weekend. We had just celebrated Aubrey's first Birthday and we were winding down from all the excitement. Unfortunately it was not part of God's master plan for us to meet our May baby. When we were about 8 weeks into the process we lost our little Angel.
Miscarriage is one of the toughest things I have ever gone through in my life. You feel so alone and isolated. You find yourself second guessing your grief because how can you really grieve a life that was so short.?I knew about our little angel for about 6 weeks before we lost her (we never knew her gender but I had a feeling she was a girl). I carried her inside of me and would day dream of the day she would meet her big sister and become part of our family. I clearly remember thinking "God is an amazing God to be blessing us with another baby this soon"..
I felt a kind of peace after the m/c but I still felt a little empty. I was fortunate enough to meet an awesome group of ladies on a m/c support group which was set up just for  mommies whose babies were due around ours. This has been the best therapy by far. I have also become closer to God during this time. He has held me through the whole process and I have found shelter in his wings. I truly believe he let me go through this loss a) to strengthen my faith in him b) to meet this wonderful group of woman.
Finally God is good! He is better than Good! He is sovereign and has a perfect plan.. We are excited and blessed to have found out shortly after Thanksgiving that we are expecting again. Now we are about 8 weeks out from meeting our rainbow baby!

More posts later to update everyone on all the craziness going on over here :-)

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